Quartile Consulting


  Connecting people is the other name of Life...

 It is also the business model of Quartile Consulting founder and partners..This generation will be remembered as having been the Relational Marketing one..Evolving and adapting to a fast moving universe : From Direct Marketing to CRM , from Mail Order to E-Commerce & Multichannel  Retailing, from catalogues to internet  to TV Shopping, we have accumulated 4 decades of understanding of the many Direct-to-Consumer business models, in Europe, the US, Argentina, and now Korea, with access to a unique network of businesses , people , talents and opportunities..

We have also built the deep belief that these Direct-to-Consumers business models trancend languages and frontiers, but need interest and feeling for other cultures and above all, in a global economy, require the "soft talent" of selecting and nurturing with trust and mutual respect , international partnership of all types and level,

At Quartile Consulting we work hard to connect brands and products to corporate players of all sizes, bridging mature and promissing markets in Europe, Asia , North and South America , for long lasting projects and commercial development , built on due diligence and professional  evaluation of all business elements , and only those delivering tangible value for the Consumers in the markets we serve. 

Founder & CEO
Quartile Consulting
Paris - Seoul 


Original by Korean artist -2013

Seongpyo, Hong